The Central Partnership film studio was founded in 1996. Over two decades, the company has become the largest Russian content distributor and exhibitor.

Central Partnership is the exclusive distributor of films by Paramount Pictures in Russia. Since 2012, it has been distributing projects by Summit Entertainment, the largest independent studio. In 2017, Central Partnership signed an exclusive cooperation deal with Lionsgate.

Today, Central Partnership is a recognised leader in Russian film distribution: as of 2018, the company is the unequivocal market leader, accounting for 32% of box office results of all domestic films released during the year.

Central Partnership is one of top ten major Russian film companies, claiming Cinema Fund support.

In 2015, the company focused on investing in films. Thus, in 2016, the blockbusters Flight Crew (in partnership with Nikita Mikhalkov's TRITE Studio) and Viking (in partnership with Cinema Directorate) were released. In 2017, Central Partnership released The Legend of Kolovrat (in partnership with the KIT Film Studio) and Going Vertical/Three Seconds, which became the highest-grossing Russian film in the history of Russian film distribution.  In 2018, Central Partnership co-produced the film Frontier/Rubezh with the KIT Film Studio, which won the people's vote for the best film. Another release of the year was T-34, which became the second most commerically successful film in the history of Russian film.  In 2019, the company successfully released Billion (in partnership with RSS Production) and continued investing in large new projects: Silver Skates, Fire, Chernobyl. Abyss, and others.

Since its foundation and until the end of 2019, Central Partnership has released 715 films, 185 of them — Russian-made.

The film studio is actively promoting Russian films on the international market. Rights to theatrical, TV, and Internet distribution of Flight Crew, Viking, The Legend of Kolovrat, Frontier/Rubezh, Going Vertical/Three Seconds, Coach, The Mermaid.  Lake of the Dead, Billion, T-34 and others have been sold to more than 154 countries world-wide, including China and the USA. The blockbuster Going Vertical/Three Seconds was the most commercially successful Russian film on the international market, becoming the highest-ever grossing Russian film in China. The film earned USD 14.3 million, and was seen by more than 3 million viewers.

172 films

have been released since 2015

3 billion rubles

the film "Servant (The Peasant)" set record box office sales

58 %

the share of Russian films in 2019 film distribution

154 countries

the widest geography of Russian content distribution

Central Partnership is the leading independent content distributor on the ITunes and Google Play platforms. The company owns an extensive video content library, with the best examples of both Russian films as well as those produced by European and American studios. The Central Partnership media-library includes more than 1,500 film and series projects.